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Alexandra Cosima Budabin

I am Senior Researcher in the Human Rights Center of the University of Dayton and Post-Doctoral Researcher  at the Platform Cultural Heritage Cultural Production at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bolzano. I am a contract professor in the Programme in Media, Communication, and Culture at the Free University of Bolzano. Batman Saves the Congo is my first book. 

I have been involved in and across the fields of education, advocacy, human rights, humanitarianism, and conflict for two decades. I have worked for the Museum of Jewish Heritage--A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, Girls Learn International, NOW on PBS, and with the UN Working Group on Girls. My research centers on the everyday politics of human rights, development, and humanitarianism specifically concerning the role and leadership of transnational actors such as diasporas, celebrities, NGOs, and business. I have my PhD in Politics from the New School for Social Research. I recruit from the disciplines of political science, sociology, communications, and development studies. My research has appeared in World Development, Perspective on Politics, New Political Science, Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of Human Rights, Humanity, and Third World Quarterly.


Lisa Ann Richey

I am the Professor of Globalization in the Department of Management, Society and Communication at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. I completed a PhD in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Post-Doc in Anthropological Demography at Harvard University.


Currently I lead the research projects Commodifying Compassion: Implications of Turning People and Humanitarian Causes into Marketable Things (2016-2022) and Everyday Humanitarianism in Tanzania (2019-2024). I am the author of the books Brand Aid: Shopping Well to Save the World with Stefano Ponte (2011); Population Politics and Development: From the Policies to the Clinics (2008) and editor of Celebrity Humanitarianism and North-South Relations: Politics, Place and Power (2016) and New Actors and Alliances in Development (2014). I work in the areas of international aid and humanitarian politics, the aid business and commodification of causes, new transnational actors and alliances in the global South, development theories and representations of Africa, global health and gender. I was the founding Vice-President of the Global South Caucus of the International Studies Association (ISA).


Copenhagen Business School

Dalgas Have 15
2000 Frederiksberg



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